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edrizzi®: The unrivalled original.

edrizzi® became synonymous for dry separation with a „cardboard box“

28 Feb edrizzi®: The unrivalled original.

15 years ago, Michael Eder revolutionized the surface processing industry with a cardboard box. In long time development he pursued his vision of changing the varnishing process in an economical and sustainable way: to eliminate chemicals in the separation process by the alteration from wet to dry separation. From the very first of his processing Eder focused on physics, technology and 100% recycled paper. He never considered the mere enlargement of filter surface – which doesn’t even exist in the edrizzi® system. He was the first to entirely avoid filter mats extracted from mineral oil. Further aspects for the development of his product were important features like easy handling, efficient and economical delivery and storage as well as flexible installation of the product. In 2003 Eder applied the first edrizzi® cubes for patent: Paint mist separators in form of cubes, made of 100% wastepaper. The major stroke lies secretly within the inconspicuous boxes: Complex, smart labyrinth systems made of corrugated paper. Those can, with the help of the centrifugal force, hold up to 100 kg overspray/m² and more. The edrizzi® system reduces energy costs in surface sites relevantly. Furthermore, saturated edrizzi® dry scrubbers are practically disposed of just like ordinary domestic waste, and thus reduce the amount of harmful varnish scrap, which is a cost-intensive special waste.

Brainflash, Eder’s company, has been developing solutions for the absorption and the recycling of overspray since the mid 1990ies. Long term business contacts enable the test of the edrizzi® system in the automotive industry already at its launch in 2003. 15 years later, car manufacturers and car parts suppliers worldwide work successfully with the edrizzi® system: Customers such as McLaren, BMW, VW, Fiat, Audi, Nissan, Renault, Daimler, Jaguar and many more have put their trust in the Austrian Made system. Globally well-known plant engineering companies such as Dürr, Geico, b&m, Eisenmann and others are designing paint shops with the implementation of the edrizzi® system, to support economical and clean dry separation. Not only the high absorption capacity and the environment aspect speak for the the edrizzi® technology’s success, but also its flexibility in installation, which allows the application of the system into any kind of paint shop of the surface processing industry.

edrizzi® became synonymous for dry separation with a „cardboard box“, and has since encouraged several manufacturers to produce replications. In consideration of environmental aspects, the trend towards dry absorption is to be welcomed. Due to the existing patent protection of edrizzi®, replicas lack important features of the original. Manufacturers of replications use filter mats as alternative to the patented edrizzi® corrugated paper labyrinth, which leads to restrictions in function and in disposal. edrizzi® remains – as most originals – unrivalled. Experience shows that plant operators switch back to the edrizzi® system after trials with other products.

Due to the sales cooperation with Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, edrizzi® is being distributed globally since 2016. Freudenberg (WORLDWIDE), as well as the dealers Seliba S.L. (ESP, PRT), Nittmann Filter (DEU), edrizzi® Benelux (NL, BEL, LUX) and Puco (AT, CZ, HU), cooperate with plant manufacturers to support many more surface processing companies in avoiding and reducing harmful varnish waste with the edrizzi® system.


Press report
edrizzi_Pic3__Die Flexibilitaet des Kubus_The cube's flexibility

The edrizzi® system is implemented in international paint shops.
Illustration: Freudenberg Filtration Technologies


Paint shop graphic - hight resolution

The edrizzi® paint mist separators in use, a spray gun facility. Since 2003, the system was further developed twice and adjusted for every application of surface treatment.
Photo: Seliba S.L.


Graphic - high resolution

Saturated and unsaturated edrizzi® paint mist separators.
Photo: Brainflash/by Martin Lugger.


edrizzi® paint mist separators - high resolution
edrizzi_Pic4_Das unerreichte Original_The unrivalled original

Michael Eder, inventor of edrizzi® – the dry separation with corrugated paper boxes.


Inventor Michael Eder - high resolution